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Actilife - Do we really need it to stay active?

Actilife - Do we really need it to stay active?

A glass of Bournvita or Boost or Complan for children, a glass of Actilife for adults! Zydus Wellness has come up with a health drink for adults, named Actilife. The idea behind it is to provide the daily nutrition required for adults. They claim to provide all the essential nutrients including the prebiotic actifibres according to the recommendations, if taken in the prescribed dosage, based on which they claim to provide the following health benefits:

1.Improved digestion
2.Improved immunity
3.Improved ability to fight stress
4.Reduction in cholesterol

If we look at our daily meals, there are many foods which help in achieving all the above health benefits in a natural way! If you are eating all your meals regularly, and if you are consuming a variety of cereals, dals, vegetables and fruits regularly, do you think you need any other source of vitamins and minerals?

All the vegetables and fruits which you eat contain a variety of mighty vitamins, minerals and a lot of fibre. All these nutrients work to improve your immunity, improve the ability to fight stress and fight diseases as well. The traditional foods like curd or buttermilk help for better digestion. Foods like unrefined wheat, barley, onions, garlic and asparagus contain prebiotic fibres and these too help in better digestion. And to add up to the benefits, you can make a variety of delicious recipes... all natural!

Yes, for the people who stay as paying guests, who have 2 or more meals in the office cafeteria, Actilife as a supplement can be an option. Consult your Dietitian if you are one of them.
The packet of a health drink not only comes with all the nutrients, but also with a few more things like emulsifiers, raising agents and preservatives.

Think twice before you pick one!