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Make your own whey protein

Make your own whey protein

Are you one of those protein freaks with a dream of building a muscular body? Do you find yourself hunting for the right protein supplement wondering whether it is safe? Do you wonder if they may have any side effects? 

Do you know why there is so much hype about Whey protein being the ultimate muscle builder?

Out of the two major proteins in milk-milk casein and whey, whey protein is the purest and highest quality protein that contains very little or no fat. It is lactose and cholesterol free. Whey protein is of higher quality when compared to egg protein or soy protein. Thus it improves the body composition by preventing muscle wasting and promoting fat loss.
Whey protein is good for all ages. It is highly recommended for weight management, muscle toning and general wellness.

How to make a whey drink at home?

Take 1 liter of milk and bring it to boil and add one teaspoon of lemon juice or vinegar.
Stir it. The mixture separates immediately into whey and curd. If not, then add more lemon or vinegar.Separate the curds and whey using a cloth strainer.
Let the whey water cool down in the fridge for a while. You can give it some tasty flavorings like cinnamon, cardamum, chocolate, pineapple, honey or mango. It is refreshing and gives you the best protein. It is the same protein available in the market except that it is commercially sold after putting the whey through dehydration and concentrated with loads of preservatives in it!

It's natural, fresh and relishing! Include 2 glasses of this daily and see the results. It is supposed to be a good energy drink after your exercise. So why shell out extra money when you can make it easily at home? I agree that it takes a little extra time, but still it's worth it. Try it yourself!

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Nice Information!!

4 Months ago

Has anyone tried this?? If yes, then whats the quantity of whey that is extracted from 1 liter of Milk. ( Normal Density)

5 Months ago

good info

5 Months ago