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Shopping Tips & Online Groceries

Shopping Tips & Online Groceries

Last week, a team of dietitians' spoke about shopping and cooking healthily in Contours gyms across Bangalore.  Here are some shopping tips they shared-

  • Always go with a shopping list.
  • Keep a list on your fridge and write down the items that are nearly over, immediately.
  • Plan a weekly menu whenever possible.
  • Make a budget.
  • Don't shop when you're hungry.
  • Read labels - look for expiry date, ingredients, calories, fat, sugars and sodium.  If in doubt, speak with the dietitian.
  • Buy in bulk when it makes sense. 
  • Cut back on 'one-item' trips unless you're walking or cyclling to the grocery store. 
  • As far as possible shop when your kids are at school so that they do not clamour for junk foods.
  • Do not get carried away by advertisements or attractive packaging.  


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