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A Workout At Work

Putting in a full day at the office can make it hard to find the time to exercise. Most of us have a complete day at the desk making it more lethargic which can take a toll on your health. Exercise and moving at work is vitally important to your overall health and wellbeing. Do you move enough?

No one wants to do a mile run or anything else that will get their work clothes sweaty, but these simple exercises can keep your clothes neat and still get your heart rate up. Try these ‘’Workouts at Work’’ to get up, feel active and fresh at workplace.

Raise the roof (20 reps) A good exercise to get started. Triceps kick (20 reps) This the best quick workout to tone your triceps. The Hulk (20 reps) Get going to tone up your upper extremities.
Hamstring curl (20 reps) The best workout to tone your hamstrings and help them stretch. Knee lift (20 reps) To avoid any pain and pressure, kindly do this exercise in an appropriate manner. Hallelujah (20 reps) Get the whole body moving with this exercise to release the body soreness and feel active.
Punching (20 reps) Strengthen your arms with this simple exercise. Desk pushup (10 reps) For stronger shoulders, and if you’re comfortable with this exercise increase your reps to 20 gradually. Side lunge (10 reps) This is the best exercise for the thighs. To lose fat and shape up the thighs go ahead with this quick workout.
Jump squats (10 reps) Get up from your desk and get going with this complete body exercise to make you feel lighter and fresh. Chair dips (10 reps) Quicker workout for stronger arms and thighs. Walking (10 min) This is the best and easiest physical activity to make you feel fresh, energetic, more active and happy.
*Source: The Washington Post
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