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Workouts: 8 Useful Tips for Beginners

Workouts: 8 Useful Tips for Beginners

All of us know that we should exercise to, improve our health and be more energetic and productive at work. And, experts say we need specific strategies to help us start an exercise program and keep it going. Here are a few useful tips to help you start exercising:

1. Set Practical & Achievable Goals: Your goal must be realistic and measurable in a way that you will see your progress, like losing 2 kilos or trimming your waist by 1 to 2" in a month`s time. Track your progress by writing it down.

2. Use Daily Reminders: Mark a reminder note on the calendar with exercise days and two rest days. The rest days shouldn't be in a row. Also make sure you have your gym bag in the car or leave your walking shoes by the door to remind you to get moving. You could also use your cell phones to set reminders so that you can plan your day accordingly.

3. Reward Yourself: Reward yourself when you accomplish one of your fitness goals such as staying on track with your exercise for a full week or month, or reaching your weight loss goal. Treat yourself to a movie, massage, or some retail therapy but definitely not to a chocolate pastry! Make sure it`s a 'non-edible' reward.

4. Find an Exercise Buddy: "Humans desire companionship". When someone is depending on you and striving to achieve the same goals, it motivates you and makes exercise more fun. Performing an exercise with someone just like you will definitely help you.

5. Be Consistent and Don`t Get Discouraged: It takes time to develop new habits, so a positive attitude is essential. It can take weeks or months before you notice some of the changes from exercise, such as weight loss.

6. Include Exercise in Your Routine Gradually: Most people try to do too much when they start exercising. It`s OK to break up your exercise into segments throughout the day. Even small quantities of exercise and activity add up to big benefits. Begin with 10 to 15 minute chunks of activity, several times daily. Just fit it in whenever you can. This will encourage you to stick to a routine for longer.

7. Don`t Depend on Fancy Equipment: A lot of people wait till they get themselves registered with a gym or wait till they buy a treadmill. You do not need any such equipment, just start walking or jogging on your own.

8. Use Whatever Gets You Going: Some of us need a little something extra to keep us exercising week after week. For some, this could be working out with an mp3 player or an iPod. The point is, use whatever gets you going.