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Effect of colours on your mood

Effect of colours on your mood

Several factors influence our clothing choices like fit, cut, fabric, colour and mood. Colour is the first factor to consider while deciding on what to wear for the day.

In a colour therapy, all colours have individualistic energy levels. These energy levels relate to different internal energy for different parts of the body. Colour therapists use different colours to balance the existing imbalances. The colour you wear also affects your mood through the energy absorbed by that particular colour.

  • Black – It absorbs light and is considered as 'absence of light'. This colour indicates power and is slightly intimidating. Wearing black brings a sense of authority and responsibility for the observer.
  • Blue – Indicates calming and soothing properties. In ancient times, bright blue was considered as to be a sign of positivity and calmness and stands opposite to red on the colour wheel. It is also known to reduce blood pressure.
  • Green – It’s the ‘nature’s colour’ having an instant calming and soothing effect similar to blue. The colour of new plants in spring depicts newness. Its refreshes and boosts the performance and productivity of the person wearing the colour.
  • Orange – It is considered as a strong colour even though it is not intense red. It stimulates enthusiasm and creativity to the wearer.
  • Pink – Like blue, it has a pacifying effect and is mostly used in baby clothes. It is also known to help resolve conflicts.
  • Red – A very strong colour depicting confidence and power. It also denotes, sexuality, passion and attracts attention.
  • Violet – The royal colour depicts intuition and spirituality. Lavender, derived from violet is known for its anxiety relieving effects.
  • White – A symbol of peace and purity reflects all the colours of the spectrum. The wearer of this colour feels calm and composed.
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