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1986 Achooo-Whats-your-sneeze-type

Achooo!! What's your sneeze type?

Achooo!! What's your sneeze type?

The weather is changing again and you can hear a lot of people sneezing! Have you noticed how everyone sneezes so differently? While there are ones who sneeze so loudly that everyone in your neighborhood can hear it, there are others who just don't make any sound at all! Ever wondered why there are so many different types of sneezes?

Sneeze or sternutation is an involuntary action which involves forceful exhalation caused by an irritant in the nose. Sneezing type or style is not learnt but is inherited. It is very likely that a family member has a similar sneeze type as yours. The way we sneeze says something about our personality! Interesting, right?

According to a body language expert, Patti A Wood, sneezers can be categorized into 4 types. This was based on a survey research and some observational studies. Read this to find out which type of a sneezer you are:

Nice sneezers: These sneezers turn away their noses while sneezing and sneeze only once. These people are characterized as being helpful, warm, supportive and nurturing.
Get it done sneezers: They are loud and fast. They typically make good leaders as they are fast, decisive, independent and to the point.
Be right sneezers: They always cover their mouths with tissue or a cloth while sneezing. They are careful, accurate and deep thinkers. They also like to play by the rules.
Enthusiastic sneezers: They are the people who make you notice them. They can sneeze so loud that it terrifies you or sneeze continuously for 5-6 times. They are found to be charismatic, social, likeable and have the ability to motivate others. They hate being ignored.

So, the next time you see someone sneeze, notice what type of sneezer they are!


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