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Come, Lets Party at Home!

Come, Lets Party at Home!

It is Christmas and New Year time and all the restaurants and food outlets may be overflowing with party lovers. So, how about hosting a party at home and making it fun? You could have the entire night and it could do some good on your wallet as well! Hosting a party at home is not a daunting task as it may appear. Here are a few tips to host a fun-filled, entertaining and a limited budget party at home.

• Choose a day that is convenient for your guests and most importantly, a day when you have enough time to make pre-party preparations.
• Plan the food menu, theme and events for the party in advance. Keep it simple!
• Send out an invite and get a fair idea on the number of guests who will be joining you so that you can make the arrangements accordingly.
• Go over your checklist once again on the day before your party to ensure you have everything taken care of.
• Make sure you welcome each and every guest at the gate/door on your party night. They would love the gesture!
• Break the ice by introducing them to each other and set the mood for the party. A dance party or some entertaining games are a few ideas to keep them occupied!
• Try not to devote all your time to one particular guest, even if he/ she is very special to you.
• Encourage your guests to sit wherever they desire and provide adequate seating for all your guests.
• Music is a must!! Put on some music and pump it loud. No party is complete without good music. This will also keep the guests distracted and bring life to a quiet atmosphere.
• Be a wise planner; Make sure you do most of it on your own so you are sure of all the details. Take help whenever you can.
• If you decide to prepare your own food, start early to make sure you're set by the time the party begins.
• Allow enough time for the guests to arrive before serving a meal. Buffet style can make everyone feel at ease and encourage socializing.
• Keep the beverages area separate.
• Count your serving plates and glasses to make sure there are enough for everyone. Go for disposable tableware to lessen your work of cleaning the dishes after the party.
• Include a few healthy food options in the menu. Cook something different so that it could become a topic for discussion.
• Always make sure there is ample food for everyone. Fruit platters will usually do the trick.
• Don't pressurize yourself. Even if it is not perfect, no one will mind.

Remember, if you are having a good time at the party, others will definitely have one too. Smiling is the key and it will take you a long way to becoming a good host. Smile, dance, eat and be merry! Host and enjoy a fun-filled party!



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