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Do you have pain in your hip?

Do you have pain in your hip?

Pain in the hip can be due to a number of factors. Abnormalities of the skin, nerves, bones, joints, blood vessels and soft tissues of the hip can result in pain. Other diseases that affect joints in the body include arthritis, trauma and painful infections or other conditions of the skin such as shingles. Hip pain may also occur because of problems with the back or spine.

Here's what you can do to reduce the pain:

• Always warm up before exercising and cool down afterward
• Exercise on a smooth soft surface such as a track instead of cement
• Hold ice packs or hot packs on your joints, depending on the type of injury. This will reduce inflammation of your joints
• Avoid high impact activities as it will cause your joints to become more inflamed
• Avoid sitting on low chairs as this bends the hip a lot and might give you more pain
• Lose weight if your overweight

When to contact the doctor:

• The pain is intense
• You're unable to put any weight on your hip
• Sudden swelling
• A fall or injury triggered the hip pain

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