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Hypotension, also called low blood pressure, can cause symptoms of fainting and dizziness and in severe cases; low blood pressure can be life-threatening. If the blood pressure is low that the supply of blood to the brain and other vital organs is insufficient, the individual will need medical attention. People with hypotension may experience unpleasant symptoms when their blood pressure drops below 90/60.

Some of the causes of low blood pressure include:

• Standing for a long time
• Dehydration
• Orthostatic hypotension ( Getting up after you sit or lie down which causes a quick drop in blood pressure)
• Trauma such as severe burns
• Medicines such as heart medicines or high blood pressure medicines
• Health problems such as severe infection, thyroid disease or heart problems
• Pregnancy

The symptoms of hypotension include:

• Fatigue
• Thirst
• Depression
• Nausea
• Blurred vision
• Dizziness or fainting
• Rapid or shallow breathing
• Pale skin
• Lack of concentration

Most individuals can manage and prevent hypotension through medication and education. Hence, it's important to learn the triggers and try to avoid them as best as you can. If you experience any symptoms of hypotension, contact your doctor because sometimes these symptoms can point to more serious problems!