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Know How Effective Contraceptive Pills Are!

Know How Effective Contraceptive Pills Are!

Contraceptive pills are a combination of two female hormones called oestrogen and a progestogen. That's the reason it is often called combined pill. The two hormones stop your ovulation (production of egg) each month. And if you don't ovulate, then you won't get pregnant.
In addition, the hormones thicken the secretions around your cervix, making it more difficult for the sperm to get through. Also, they make the lining of your womb thinner, so that it's less receptive to an egg.

If consumed exactly as prescribed, its effectiveness is likely to be almost 99 per cent. It is said that, if you rely on the condom instead, probably about two to five of them would become pregnant.

The Pill has now been shown to have certain health advantages:

•It reduces the pain that accompanies menstruation.
•It makes the menstrual period shorter.
•Reduces cramps.

The Pill is useful when you want to delay having a period for a special occasion. The Pill is said to be safe for young women in their teens and below 30 years of age who have less risk factors (such as smoking/alcohol/drugs). But when you reach your 35 or 40 years of age, the possibility of having a thrombosis (clot) is higher.

Meet a gynecologist to know more about the effects, uses and problems faced due to oral contraceptives.


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