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The Do's And Don'ts Of Stressful Weekdays

The Do's And Don'ts Of Stressful Weekdays

Now day's weekdays are stressful for all of us. Monday is with blues, Tuesday we gear up and by Wednesday we wait for another weekend. This has been a routine for most of us.
The question is why we should treat weekday as so stressful and only weekends so refreshing?
Here are where we can make our weekdays as interesting as weekends:
•Do send a cute text message to your spouse. This can refresh your day. Spouse, make sure you reply to that message.
•Keep your spouse mobile/iPod/laptop to charge when you find they are lazy to do that.
•Do not email/browse/chat/play a game once you reach home and especially when your spouse is talking to you. Take 30 minutes for yourself, remaining time help your spouse in different activities.
•Do not check your spouse mobile/emails or take control over their personal social websites and fight for it. Give that space; you need not be active on your page if you are not interested.
•Do not have a time limit when you guys are going out. Try to search things that each other like, and buy it for them.
•Play some nice music once you are back home. Take some time and then start talking. There is no rule that if your spouse is not talking to you means he/she is angry.
•Go for a walk if you have no time for any other physical activity. If there is time opt for gym, swimming, table tennis, carom, chess etc, go for it.
•Learn something new each month. This will keep you guys engaged in hunting what to learn next. Reading can also be a habit to be developed.
•If you stay with your parents, spend time with them. Get something for them even though they do not expect. Take them out for a movie/walk/mall/park/resort once a while.
•Get groceries home as a surprise. Always have an eye on the things that can be got home, so that you can give a good surprise.
•Kids are the ones whom you have to spend time with. Irrespective of your busy schedule you have no choice. The ones without kids don't mess up your life. Make it as creative as possible.
•Make sure dinner is had at the right time and with the right mood. Do not take up topics that can create fights. Talk non sense, jokes but don't take up topic of discussion that can lead to a sleepless night.
•Forget everything on the bed. You need a sound sleep after a stressful day. So, give up all tensions and sleep off. Always wake up with hope and a positive attitude.
Let your each week be an interesting one!

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