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Think Before You Ink!!!

Think Before You Ink!!!

 A popular style statement, especially among the youth, is a tattoo! 25% of 18-30-year-olds already has a tattoo out of which 60% of tattoo bearers are women! Read through this article before you get a tattoo done...

Amateur tattoos- Beware of amateur tattoos as they are made by jabbing ink or ashes or charcoal using a pin and can trigger an infection.
Cultural tattoos- Applied via traditional methods to members of the certain ethnic group to serve ritual or social functions.
Professional tattoos- Done by a professional tattoo artist using a tattoo gun.
Cosmetic tattoos- Used as a permanent makeup like eye liner or lip liner or hair imitations. It is repeatedly done to keep colors fresh.
Medical tattoos- Patients with medical conditions like diabetes have these tattoos to alert health care professionals during emergencies and yet to become popular in India.

Why get a tattoo done?
To stand out and show you are unique or to demonstrate your individuality or a few people also derive pleasure from pain while getting a tattoo done.

Safe studio?
If you are getting a tattoo done, make sure you go to a professional artist and the studio is as clean as a Doctor's clinic. Tattooing breaks your skin and the gun comes in contact with your blood and body fluids. So take care.

A few tips...
• Stay away from alcohol and drugs (aspirin) the night before or while getting a tattoo.
• A big NO to tattoo if you are sick.
• Make sure the needle in the tattoo gun is sterilized and unused.
• Understand the aftercare thoroughly. (healing instructions and antibiotic ointment)

Tattoo removal
Cutting away the tattooed skin or rubbing away the tattooed skin with an abrasive device or laser treatments are a few methods for removing tattoos. A black tattoo can be removed completely when compared to a colored tattoo. However, there are many risks involved in removing a tattoo like allergic reactions or scarring of the skin.

Any given day, tattoos are not recommended by the Health Experts as they come with many complications.