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Why do we snore?

Why do we snore?

"Why do I snore? What can be the cause?"Are some common questions googled by people trying to find solution for their snoring? It is important to understand the causes of snoring, as it will help one find the best solution for the same.

What causes the sound of snoring?
Snoring usually occurs when air flow from nose and mouth is physically obstructed during sleep.

What are the common causes of snoring?
Age- Once you are 45 and above, your throat starts getting narrow and the muscle tone starts decreasing causing snoring.
Sex- Males have narrower air way passages than women and are more prone to snoring.
Genetic defects- Genetic defects like narrow throat, cleft palate, enlarged adenoids can cause snoring in some people.
Sinus problem- Sinus blocks airways and makes inhalation difficult causing snoring.
Weight- Overweight people with excess fatty tissue and poor muscle tone in their throat are prone to snoring.
Medications, alcohol and smoking- Certain medications, alcohol and smoking increase muscle relaxation and cause snoring.
Bad sleep posture- Sleeping flat on the back causes throat flesh to relax and blocks airway causing snoring.

How you snore will reveal the cause of snore:
• If you snore with closed mouth, it indicates a problem with your tongue
• If you snore with open mouth it indicates a problem with your throat tissue
• Mild snoring while sleeping on your back indicates a need to improve sleep and lifestyle habits.

Enlist and observe your snoring to find the best solution for it.