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Yoga during Pregnancy

Yoga during Pregnancy

Prenatal yoga is a powerful tool for pregnant women. Yoga helps the body undergo various changes beneficial to labor and child birth. A prenatal program makes use of easy postures and positions that naturally help create space within the womb for the growing baby.

Yoga also helps maintain mind-body harmony. It is very important for a pregnant woman to stay healthy and in a happy state of mind. Yoga is one kind of exercise that can create deep relaxation and rejuvenation. Often, pregnancy brings in inactivity and lethargy due to extra tiredness and fluctuating emotions. Yoga is safe during all three trimesters. It will help you stay fit, active, and keep you in a happy and positive frame of mind.

Contact your doctor or a yoga specialist before you plan to start your yoga routine. It's never too late. You may start in your last trimester too; as this will help you prepare yourself for a normal delivery and avoid a C-section.



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