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5 foods for healthy bones & joints

5 foods for healthy bones & joints

If you are eating foods rich in calcium, Vitamin D and C, and selenium, you are doing a great deal of good for your skeletal structure. However, if you are still thinking along those lines and not really doing anything, take a look at the following food choices that you should include to design a bone-friendly meal for yourself.

  1. Yogurt: It is one of the best calcium-rich foods and scores high on palatability too. An 8-ounce serving can provide you with approximately 350 to 400 mg of calcium.

  2. Soy Milk: This food item is the perfect option for including calcium in your diet, especially if you are lactose intolerant.

  3. Tuna: All fishes are rich in selenium, especially tuna and salmon. Selenium plays a major role in improving bone health. Just 55 µg of selenium can help strengthen bones and joints.

  4. Spinach & Kale: These leafy green vegetables are high in vitamin C and selenium. Their rich antioxidant content helps you gain better protection against the damage of bone cells and boosts the reproduction of newer cells too.

  5. Cheese: Three servings of cheese a day can be of great help in bone growth and development especially among children whose nutritional requirements are higher than adults.

Lastly, the importance of Vitamin D in terms of calcium absorption is well known to everybody. So, in addition to eating calcium-rich food, make sure that you spend time outdoors for some Vitamin D. This is vital for better absorption of calcium.

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