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Microwave it!

Microwave it!

The most versatile appliance in your kitchen is a microwave oven! It can be used to cook, defrost or re-heat foods in very less time. But, there are plenty of misconceptions on microwave cooking like loss of nutrients or unsafe for health. You can be free from such misinterpretations about microwave cooking as they are absolutely safe for your health.

Microwaves use high frequency electromagnetic waves that cause the liquids naturally in the food to spin leading to friction. Friction heats up the food and your food is cooked. These radiations are neither ionizing nor can induce any radiations. Hence, using microwave for cooking cannot cause cancer. Microwave cooking retains more nutrients than other conventional cooking because of less time needed for cooking and reduced use of water for cooking plus it is more energy efficient! There is a slight loss of vitamin C and enzymes as observed in any form of cooking. Quality of protein is higher in microwaved meat because of lower oxidation rate and lesser browning. The meat will start looking yummier now! Because of high protein retention in microwave cooking, nutrients like vitamin A and E are better retained.

So set the timer in your microwave and walk away while your food is getting cooked!

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