783 The-Onion-and-Blood-Pressure-Link

The Onion and Blood Pressure Link

The Onion and Blood Pressure Link

Recent research has found that onion extracts may help reduce the risk of blood pressure, perhaps also diabetes and weight gain. While we need to be more certain of these benefits, there's absolutely no harm in continuing to use onions in our daily meals. 

Many health claims on onions have been made earlier. Some of them state that onions help to combat heart disease because of their anti-cholesterol effect. Some say they fight cancer because of the antioxidant quercetin, and others mention they have anti-inflammatory properties and help fight common cold. 

In India, some groups of people avoid onions believing it to be an aphrodisiac. But on the other hand some even use it in home-remedies (an onion-jaggery combination is often used for sore throat). However, there are definitely some benefits one can obtain from eating onions regularly even though onions themselves cannot fight all the ailments mentioned here. So, eat onions (raw or cooked) and enjoy the flavor they bring to various dishes. 

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2 Months ago

ILL effects of GARLIC: It has high content of latex. It is very HOT by nature. It does not contain any vitamin. Since it is very HOT it hinders the elimination of toxins from the body. Improper elimination of toxins causes conditions for various infections within the body. Being very HOT it increases convalescence period after a cold. As it is very HOT, it reduces the effectiveness of all our senses. Improper elimination of toxins from the body affects our complexion. Improper elimination of toxins from the body also causes open pores and deposits of toxins on the skin, these lead to loss of radiance and loss of resistance against germs and bacteria present in the atmosphere. Being more vigorous than gastric juice, it reduces its effect and thereby affecting digestion leading to gastric disorders. It has a bad effect on the taste buds found on our tongue thereby our sense of taste is reduced and we don?t enjoy the real taste and flavour of food. From a spiritual point of view, garlic is considered as ?tamassic (negative)?. According to doctors the presence of toxins in the body affects the metabolism of the body and this leads to weakness which in turn give us fit of anger. Such a state breeds negative thoughts and we usually resort to inappropriate means to counter this effect. On the contrary we ought to give up garlic to cure us. Some qualities of garlic make it beneficial for the following external uses: When children suffer from fever, wearing a garland of garlic seeds relieves them. Garlic juice drops in the ear relieves ear aches and fights related ear infections. ILL effects of Onion Onion contains latex and sulphur. Tear formation in the eye while cutting is due to the high concentration of sulphur in it. The advantages and disadvantages of onion are comparable to that of sulphur. Sulphur dioxide is one of the major agents that cause air pollution. It proves to be dangerous to the human body even if present in trace amount. Intake of onion induces sulphur in the human body and it mixes up with the gastric juices which results into such mixtures that hamper digestion. Sulphur deposits on the intestine like a layer of cement. This has been proved from the post-mortem report of an American patient who died due to acute deposit of sulphur in his intestine which prevented correct absorbtion of drugs. Sulphur dioxide dissolves in the body fluid to produce Sulphuric acid. It reduces the pH of the blood lower than 7.4 thus, hindering proper blood circulation. There are few advantages of consuming onion but these remain negligible when compared to its disadvantages. The combined effects of both onion and garlic result into a high concentration of latex within the body and this renders us weak, dull and prone to consumption of drugs in order to counter it. Even our religious scripts point that onion and garlic are extremely injurious to physical and mental health. 10. The consumption of onion and garlic has destructive effects on our mental powers. The destruction of the mind leads to total destruction. Dr. Sudhir Tiwari, Jabalpur

6 Months ago