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4462 Debunk-Those-Age-Old-Acne-Myths

Debunk Those Age Old Acne Myths!

Debunk Those Age Old Acne Myths!

When zits start popping up, so do advices on how to deal with them. But are they all true? You may be surprised to know that everything you hear about acne may not be true. Find out if your common acne myths are really true:

Popping zits clears them faster- Popping a zit may reduce the acne temporarily, but squeezing it actually pushes the bacteria further into the skin and worsens the acne. Popping acne also causes it to stay longer forming scars. So it's best not to fidget with them even if you are tempted.

You get pimples when you workout- True, when you workout, the sweat and dirt gets trapped on your skin and causes acne if not washed. Make sure you wash your face after your workout to avoid acne.

Toothpaste will help you clear zit- May be it will help you clear a zit, but avoid using it. Toothpaste does help you, but it also makes your skin dry and inflamed.

Chocolates are terrible for your skin- According to studies, no specific food causes acne, but still, in general, having chocolates which are high in sugar and fat is not recommended from health perspective. Even though there are no specific studies to support the effects of chocolates on skin, some people do notice breakouts after having certain foods.

Adults don't get acne- Like teenagers; adults are equally prone to acne. The cause of acne in them is usually hormonal imbalance and stress.

Masturbation causes pimples- This is a false antiquated notion and not based on any scientific evidence.

Shaving causes pimples- shaving doesn't cause pimples and what looks like pimples to you is nothing but in grown hair.

Getting tanned helps you get rid of acne- Although a tan can temporarily mask acne; it also increases your risk to melanoma and damages your skin, which is not recommended.

Avoid using makeup for clear skin- Although make up does block the oil glands; there is no need to avoid it completely. You can use non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic beauty products. But, if you are prone to severe acne, consult your dermatologist to know what is best for you.

Next time you see a big painful bump on your face, just leave it alone. Only if you think it's getting worse, consult your dermatologist.

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