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Know More about Childhood Stroke

Know More about Childhood Stroke

Did you know that stroke can also happen to children?

Childhood stroke can affect children between the ages of 1 (month) to 18 (years). The risk factors for children differ from those of adults. Some of them are:

• Congenital heart disease

• Head injury

• Diseases that affect the brain arteries

• Infections that affect the brain or other organs

• Sickle cell disease

• Autoimmune diseases

Warning Signs & Symptoms:

Due to a general lack of awareness, symptoms usually go ignored. However look for these signs:

• Sudden severe headache along with vomiting and sleepiness

• Weakness or numbness concentrated on any one side of the body

• Difficulty in speaking or understanding others

• Loss of vision or double vision

• Loss of coordination

• Severe dizziness

• Seizures usually on any one side of the body


As in adults time plays a crucial role in treating a stroke. Remember the four letters- F.A.S.T

F- Face Drooping

A- Arm Weakness

S- Speech Difficulty

T- Time to Call the Doctor

Don't delay! Act fast as your child's future is in your hands.


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