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Outing The Acids

Outing The Acids

Uric acid in our blood helps prevent damage to blood vessel linings-but too high a count is a problem.

Eight commandments to follow in order to avoid high uric acid in the blood.

  • Eat red meat only in small quantities. Most high protein foods have high purine levels.

  • Restrict drinks (especially beer and wine) to two a day.

  • Eat less of sea foods like sardines and mackerel.

  • Restrict pulses to one bowl a day, and chana and rajma to once a week; moong, sprouts, lentils and soyabean to twice a week.

  • Drink four to five litres of water a day, one litre fi rst thing in the morning.

  • Restrict vegetables like peas, beans, spinach and mushrooms to once a week.

  • Exercise for 30-45 minutes every day, every morning, to equip your body and bones to get into the right gear for the day, so that accumulation of crystals is low.

  • Lose weight gradually if you are more than fi ve kilos overweight.

Reproduced from Outlook Business's Wellness Column by Rachna Chhachhi.

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Keep your blood levels tested and work on cleansing of liver and kidneys once a month. A dandelion green tea is a good option.

4 Months ago

Uric acid is eliminated by Liver and Kidneys. Normally uric is a byproduct of purines most found in protein rich food. although the lab level says 6.7-7.2 is normal but anything higher than 5.5 high.

4 Months ago