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4255 The-Effect-of-Stress-on-Physical-Health

The Effect of Stress on Physical Health

The Effect of Stress on Physical Health

We all experience stress for different reasons. And a situation that makes one person want to run for the hills may be a minor inconvenience or even an invigorating challenge to another. The first step in conquering your personal stressors, or stress inducers, is to identify them. Stressors can be emotional, family-related, social, change-associated, chemical, work-related, decision-related, phobic, physical, disease-related, pain-associated, and environmental. For coping with stress, it is essential to first identify the stressor(s) responsible. Although, you cannot negate the effects of stress completely, there are some that you can definitely let go off. Consider a situation as having to clean the entire house on your day off every week. This could be preventing you from having any leisure time. Perhaps you can fit a cleaning service into your budget. If ironing shirts is keeping you up late at night, send them to the cleaners instead. If these seem like luxuries you can't afford, try to reorganize your budget a bit. Remember, your time is valuable, too. Reducing the strength of your stressors is also a more viable option than eliminating them entirely. For instance, if you are having trouble concentrating on your work because of loud noise in the office, consider buying a pair of earplugs. If your morning trip to work forces you to drive two hours in heavy traffic every day, try another option such as mass transit or carpooling and bring along the morning paper, a good book, or a CD player or IPOD loaded with favorite music. Coping is no doubt your only option for the majority of the items on your list of stressors. However, this doesn't have to be as hopeless as it sounds. There are several techniques for learning to stay calm and clearheaded under pressure. As you master them, even your biggest stressors will pose less and less of a threat.

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