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Tips to potty train your child

Tips to potty train your child

Toilet training can be quite the task. It begins at the age of 11 months. Most parents might not have a clue as to how to go about the process. Here are some tips:

  • Observation: Observe your kid’s activity closely and teach them to give you hints with actions. Also teach them to feel the urge of using a toilet.

  • Right Attitude: Do not scare your child as you train and explain. It may turn into fear and he might not keep you informed. Know that the bottom line is to build the right attitude.

  • Do not use a diaper: Gradually reduce the diaper usage as you decide to potty train your child. Wean him out of the idea that a “diaper is his toilet”.

  • Pay Attention to Bowel and Bladder Details: It is important to teach the child how to observe bowel and bladder movements each time they try to pass urine or defecate.

  • Do Not Allow Them to be Lazy: Some kids may be lazy to learn potty training. Do not allow them to be lazy and make sure you involve yourself in the procedure.

  • Teach Them Words: Teach the child how to express his need to use the toilet through certain words.

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