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Are You a Morning Person?!

Are You a Morning Person?!

It's a fact! Morning people have all the advantages. While the early birds are making things happen, the night owls are still hitting the snooze. Let us put in all the effort to switch to the morning glory rather than be doomed with intoxicated mornings.

Rising with the sun makes you feel more optimistic, proactive, healthy and less stressed. For those who tend to stay under the cover, here are few tips to wake up early:

• Shut your electronics: Stop using all your electronics like laptops, smart phones at least 45 minutes before your bed time. Keep all the work related stress away from your bedroom.
• Sleep in the right position: Many doctors suggest that sleeping on the back reduces back pain. Side sleeping prevents heart burn and acid reflux. Avoid sleeping on your stomach, as it may cause neck and back pain.
• Watch out for wrong foods: Spicy and oily foods at bedtime can cause acidity and indigestion. Alcohol can make way to too many night time trips to the restroom. Stick to a light and healthy dinner.
• Read a book: Hit the bed with a novel or a non-fiction for good sleep.
• Take a shower: Stepping out of a warm shower and getting into a cool bedroom, reduces the body temperature. This triggers a tranquil and drowsy feeling which helps you sleep better.
• Listen to music: From folk music to nature sounds, listen to music that can lull you to sleep.

Try any of these tips and see which works best for you. Become a morning person to see and feel the beauty of fresh air, fresh light and a new day with plenty of new opportunities!

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