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Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

Compulsive Sexual Behaviour

This is a mental disorder that is marked by compulsive sexual behaviour. An individual with CSB is obsessed with feelings, sexual thoughts or behaviours that affect his or her health, job, relationship or other parts of one's life. It is also called hyper sexuality, hyper sexual disorder, nymphomania or sexual addiction. Compulsive sexual behaviour may involve fantasies and activities outside the bounds of legally, morally accepted sexual behaviour.

The symptoms associated with compulsive sexual behaviour include:

• Generally acceptable sexual acts taken to extremes that is harmful to the individual or others.
• Sexual impulses are intense and may feel as if they're beyond one's control.
• Using compulsive sexual behaviour as an escape from other problems such as anxiety, stress or depression.
• One continues to engage in risky sexual behaviours despite serious consequences such as loss of important relationships or problems at work.
• Have trouble establishing as well as maintaining emotional intimacy, even if the individual is married or is in a committed relationship.

The cause of compulsive sexual behaviour is unclear. Possible causes include:

• Sex hormone levels
• An imbalance of natural brain chemicals
• Conditions that affect the brain such as Dementia, Multiple Sclerosis etc.
• Changes in brain pathways, the network of nerves that allows the brain cells to communicate with one another

Compulsive sexual behaviour can occur both in men and women, though it's more common in men. It can also affect anyone regardless of one's sexual preference, whether bisexual, heterosexual or homosexual.

Other risk factors include:

• Alcohol and drug abuse
• Psychological conditions such as a mood disorder, impulse control disorder or mental health problem
• A history of sexual or physical abuse

There are a number of sexual activities that could be warning signs of compulsive sexual behaviour. These include:

• Engaging in sadistic sex
• Having multiple partners or extramarital affairs
• Intercourse with anonymous partners or prostitutes
• Evading emotional involvement in sexual relationships
• Engaging in excessive masturbation
• Making use of commercial phone sex conversations for satisfaction
• Regularly visiting sexually explicit services or internet sites
• Having a fixation on an inaccessible partner
• Frequent use of pornographic materials

Please contact your doctor immediately, if:

• You feel and think you may cause harm with uncontrolled sexual behaviour
• You're suicidal
• You have bipolar disorder or any other problem accompanied by impulse control and you feel like your sexual behaviour is going out of control

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