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Dealing with the effects of long-term unemployment

Dealing with the effects of long-term unemployment

One's personal identity and professional identity are dishevelled to the extent that the individual has defined himself by what he does. For such individuals, the impact of long term unemployment extends beyond the financial impact. Losing a job for such an individual may be overwhelming and feel that he has lost himself, accompanied by feelings of anger, sadness and hopelessness. If the unemployment continues over the months or years, these feelings can grow and ultimately lead to more harsh consequences for the individual and his relationships.

How can you deal with long-term unemployment (Larry Bugen, Sybil Keane & Denise Glassmoyer)?

• Acknowledge whatever has happened and grieve the loss allowing yourself to go through the typical stages of grief before you can move past the job loss.
• Look for new opportunities or re-examine priorities and explore personal and professional interests.
• Stick to a schedule in order to keep yourself emotionally stable during this period.
• Discover new passions or rekindle old ones as it may just lead to greater life fulfilment
• Reach out to others as emotional support is important during this time.

The emotional and financial impact of long-term unemployment can be extremely challenging for anybody. Keep in mind that if you need help and you're unable to open up to your loved ones, consider seeing a counsellor without thinking twice as professional guidance will help structure the process of coping!

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