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Do You Have Social Media Blues?

Do You Have Social Media Blues?

It's easy to become overwhelmed in a world where social media websites spread news of breakups, engagements, job gains or even news of life and death. Websites such as Facebook helps you keep up with family and friends, but one fails to realise how easy it is to get sucked into the tornado of updates and data. The truth is that using social media can stir up many emotions including sadness (Sources: Wilson et al).

Despite the term used, there is no formal definition or diagnosis of social media depression that exists at this time, and the concept does not appear in the Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, say mental health experts. Researchers recognize that there is an association between depression and internet use but finding out the causation factor is tricky (Sources: Howstuffworks.com).

Psychologists say that there is nothing wrong with social websites but they were never meant to replace real life and you have to have a balance. Also, doctors say it is never healthy to constantly compare yourself to someone else.

Nevertheless "One just has to go out and have a social life somewhere real!"

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