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Do you mind holiday babies???!!!

Do you mind holiday babies???!!!

Now that you know that getting pregnant is more than a one night's magic, let your hair down and relax to bring down your stress. If you have tried for more than six months to get pregnant and in vain, it's time to fight back against this fertility buster. How about a conceptionmoon or a second honeymoon? A holiday can help you get pregnant. How? Read below...

• Studies suggest women who worry more about work and money have significantly lower chances of getting pregnant. If you are one among them, time to chill. Go on a holiday.
• If you are too stressed at work and also planning for a baby, the best way to relax and also plan for a family is by going on a vacation. 40% of the people come back successful from their conceptionmoon.
• If you are thirtysomething or planning for a second child, but too busy with work and the first child, it is time to go for the second one by packing your bags for the second honeymoon.
• Take into consideration your ovulation dates and the ambience that is best suited for you and your partner to unwind. Plan for a wise holiday by keeping a check on the place you want to go, the money you have assigned to spend and the leaves you have in your account.
• Make sure you are out of reach on your phone or inbox. Remember, all the time you have while holidaying is yours. Manage time for good food, sleep, lounge and most importantly, time for each other.
• A holiday also helps you rewind all the fun you had during the initial days of your relationship which just got faded with busy office meetings and project releases.

Most importantly, a holiday with your partner strengthens your relationship with him and also you are gifting your baby a loving marriage on his arrival! What more can you ask for? Welcome the holiday baby home...

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