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Fordyce's Spots

Fordyce's Spots

Have you noticed any small, pale red, yellow-white or skin coloured bumps or spots on the vermillion border of your lips? These are known as Fordyce's spots. Fordyce's spots are sebaceous glands which are in the wrong place and they are not associated with any illness or disease. These spots are natural occurrences on the body and do not cause any damage to health. These are found both in men and women.

Fordyce's spots are often confused for sexually transmitted disease due to oral sex. These spots on the lips makes one feel insecure and reduce confidence and in severe cases it makes one depressed and tired. For some people these spots can affect people emotionally.

Treatment: Healthcare professionals usually do not suggest or recommend any treatment as these abnormal growths are normally benign in nature. If the spots are prominent and makes you feel depressed, you can then probably consult your dermatologist for the best possible treatment to reduce the spots. Treatment options include Vaporizing laser therapy, CO2 laser, Electrodessication, Pulsed dye laser and Trichloroacetic acid as well as chemical peel can be used to reduce the prominence of these spots.

So, the next time you notice such spots, don't panic! Speak to your dermatologist and opt for the best possible treatment available.

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