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Heart Palpitations

Heart Palpitations

Heart palpitations are rapid sensations when your heart is racing, fluttering or pounding. This can be felt in your throat, chest or neck. These can be worrisome but usually they're harmless since one's heart is still pumping efficiently. In some cases, heart palpitations may be a symptom of a more serious heart condition, such as arrhythmia, that may require treatment.

What causes heart palpitations?

• Stress, anxiety, fear or panic attacks
• Vigorous physical activity
• Fever
• Diet pills
• Illegal drugs
• Nicotine use or caffeine

Symptoms of heart palpitation can feel like the following:

• Fluttering heartbeats
• Skipped heartbeats
• Fast heartbeats
• Heartbeats that are pumping harder than usual

Heart palpitations can occur whether you're active or at rest and even when you're seated, standing or lying down.

Some palpitations may be due to an abnormal heart rhythm which may be due to:

• Abnormal blood levels of potassium
• Having low levels of oxygen in your blood
• Heart disease
• Overactive thyroid
• Abnormal heart valve such as mitral valve prolapse
• Certain medicines such as those used to treat high blood pressure, heart problems or asthma

Seek medical help immediately if heart palpitations are accompanied by the following:

• Pain and chest discomfort
• Severe dizziness
• Sever shortness of breath and fainting
• Unusual sweating
• Loss of alertness

Here are a few tips to consider:

• Quit smoking
• Exercise regularly
• Reduce your nicotine and caffeine intake
• Practice meditation, tai chi or yoga
• Try deep relaxation or breathing exercises
• Learn to reduce and manage your stress

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