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It's All In Your Head

It's All In Your Head

These have been attributed to a mind-disease connection. Medical science is now acknowledging holistic treatment for diseases. Below are the top five that could get treated, and the methodology is explained:

Goiter, hyperthyroidism, hypothyroidism.
Medical treatment: Oral medication.
Mind cause: Being stuck in a job or situation that you don`t want to do; humiliation at not being able to do what you like; constricted creativity.
Holistic treatment: Step back from current work/ relationship, and re-think what you want to do. Combine with a diet that is high in anti-inflammatory foods, low in goitrogenic foods like Brussels sprouts, rutabaga, turnips, kohlrabi, radish and cauliflower.


Inflammation of joints, usually accompanied by pain, swelling and stiffness. Types of arthritis include bacterial arthritis, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis.
Medical treatment: Pain killers, calcium supplements, minerals, immune suppressants, steroids, etc.
Mind cause: Feeling of resentment and anger building up over the years for someone in authority; mental rigidity in accepting change.
Holistic treatment: Treat the patient`s feeling of resentment by counseling. Combine with nutritional diet and lifestyle changes, stress- and toxin-busting techniques like detox, pranayam and meditation.

Abnormally elevated blood pressure.
Medical treatment: Weight loss; reduce work stress, reduction of sodium and alcohol intake and oral drugs.
Mind cause: Long-standing emotional problem; not letting go of the past.
Holistic treatment: Treat the emotional problem that has not been solved over the years. Combine with weight loss, supplements like omega-3 that relax the mind, breathing exercises that lower blood pressure, and increase intake of vitamin C that decreases the blood pressure in the vessels.

The body is not able to process glucose for cell energy due to either an insufficient amount of insulin or a physical resistance to the insulin the body does produce.
Medical treatment: Insulin injections, oral medications and weight loss.
Mind cause: Longing for what might or could have been. A great need to control and a deep sorrow with no sweetness left.
Holistic treatment: Letting go of control by counseling to live in the present and enjoy each day as it comes. Combine with exercise, weight loss, a high-fiber diet that flushes out toxins and build-up in the blood vessels.

Increased body weight caused by excessive accumulation of fat.
Medical treatment: Checking for hormonal imbalances, programmes combining diet and exercise.
Mind cause: Insecurity and self-rejection causing need for protection and fear. Seeking fulfillment.
Holistic treatment: Treat the insecurity by raising confidence of the individual. Combine with a diet and exercise over a longer period to keep the weight off. High fiber diet and supplements like omega-3 that relax the mind to overcome the feelings of insecurity, and B-vitamins to calm the nerves.

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