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Oranges with a twist!

Oranges with a twist!

With oranges being in season, i am sure most of the orange lovers out there must be relishing on it every day. Here are few simple orange recipes with a twist for you, try them out!

Recipe 1: Orange and Olive Salad

• Peeled oranges: 2
• Black olives: ¼ cup
• Red onions: ¼ cup
• Lettuce: 2 nos
• Lemon juice: 1teaspoon
• Sugar: 1teaspoon
• Cinnamon powder:1/2 teaspoon


Toss up peeled oranges, olives and onions. Spread it on lettuce leave. Mix sugar and cinnamon powder in lemon juice and pour this dressing onto the salad.

Recipe 2: Orange cinnamon rings

• Oranges: 2nos
• Honey: 2 table spoons
• Cinnamon powder: 2 teaspoons
• Mint leaves : for garnishing


Peel oranges and slice them in round shapes of ¼ inch thickness. Place it in a serving plate. Mix honey and cinnamon powder. Drizzle this mixture on onion slices and garnish with mint leaves.

Recipe 3: Orange banana smoothie

• Banana: 1 no
• Orange: 1 no
• Orange juice: 2/3rd cup
• Sugar: 3 teaspoons
• Crushed ice : 1 cup

Blend all the ingredients together and enjoy!

Orange is a yummy and juicy fruit loaded with nutrients. Enjoy the fruit in your own unique style!!

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