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Some Alarming facts about Diabetes In Men

Some Alarming facts about Diabetes In Men

Getting diagnosed with diabetes, for a man or a woman is equally alarming; but there are different implications of diabetes in both.

?Here are some facts about diabetes and men.

  1. Research shows that men who are under high stress or have a lot of anxiety, are highly at risk of acquiring diabetes (as compared to their female counter parts)
  2. Early onset of diabetes in men causes retinopathy (a vision disorder) more quickly than in women.
  3. The incidence of suffering from cardio-vascular diseases is high in diabetic men as compared to women, as oestrogen in women has a protective effect against these diseases.
  4. Diabetic neuropathy, characterised by nerve damage, causes problems like erectile dysfunction in men.
  5. Diabetes has also been a cause of lower testosterone levels in men. It is clinically known as hypogonadism, with symptoms like greater fat mass, lower muscle mass, decreased libido, etc. This exposes men to cardiovascular diseases and stroke all the more.

?To keep all the above complications of diabetes at bay, follow these 5 rules:

  • A balanced diet?• Regular exercise?• Eat your meals on time?• Regular medications (if any)?• Regular visits to your Diabetologist/Physician

?Don't be afraid of Diabetes, you can manage it well. Stay alert, stay fit...

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