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Stress-busting made easy

Stress-busting made easy

Stress is the most commonly used word today when referring to the cause of any discomfort that we feel.

 We are bombarded with various stress-relieving techniques from all over the place. It is very important that you pick up and practice some techniques that are easy to do- AND which will work.

Some of these tend to be the simplest and most basic activities that we (with our busy schedules) ignore.

Try these:

1. Listen to music. It is the most accessible stress buster there is. Choose a playlist that will soothe you. Playing calm music can lower blood pressure and decrease cortisol, a hormone linked to stress.

2. Give your fingers a rest. Put away your phones for a while. Don’t text, email, or check Facebook. Start scheduling “phone-free” time every day, especially when you’re with family and you will see the difference.

3. Stick to “one worry” at a time. We all get overwhelmed with the multiple worries we tend to harbor. Choose one, just one, at any given point of time ignoring those that you, have no control over and try and sort it out.

4. Set a fixed time to dwell on your worry. Learn how to keep your mind relatively clear of that worry at any other time. Bring your attention back to the task at hand if you feel that worry sneaking in.

5. Practice being mindful. Focus on your senses, what you see, smell, or hear for a few minutes in a day. Once you get into the habit, increase the time of focus. Practicing mindfulness on a daily basis makes a huge difference to your emotional wellbeing.

6. Write- get into the habit of maintaining a diary. Take out a few minutes each day to write about what’s bothering you, or simply what a good day you have had. Expressing yourself helps.

7. Try and inculcate a positive thought process. Seeing the glass half full, making an effort not to catastrophize events to a point that you can’t deal with them. Think of at least one good thing that has happened with you each day.

8. Laugh, because it really IS the best medicine. Studies show that laughter not only relieves tension, but actually improves immunity.

Practice the above on a daily basis, adding on any activities that bring you joy and see the difference.

Remember: You always have the option of speaking with a trained counselor. Call us.

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