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Surrogate Mothers

Surrogate Mothers

Surrogacy is an arrangement in which another woman carries and delivers a child for a couple or a person who for some reason is not able to have their own baby. World over, in whichever country surrogacy is allowed, one of the intended parents must be biologically related to the baby. Many medical conditions in women make them opt for surrogacy:
1. Absence or malformation of the womb
2. Recurrent pregnancy loss
3. Repeated in vitro fertilization (IVF) implantation failures.
4. Female infertility
5. Medical issues that make pregnancy and delivery both risky and impossible

Although most surrogacies turn out well, it is difficult to determine the outcome as there are several factors like age of the surrogate mother, age of the egg donor, the surrogate mother's ability to get pregnant and even the quality of the sperm and egg coming from the donors.
There are different types of surrogacies based on the mode in which it is carried out.

How do you go about looking for a surrogate mother? It has been accepted legally in India, so it should be possible to find a surrogate mother either through agencies or if you are lucky, a known person could help you out through the process. There are a number of legal procedures that need to be carried out when you have opted for surrogacy. Talk to your Doctor or counselor to help you out with the necessary formalities.

What are the problems you could face as a parent waiting for the surrogate mother to deliver your baby? Some surrogate mothers experience separation anxiety over letting the baby go. This may in turn put you in a sense of suspense while waiting for the full-term baby to be born. You and your chosen surrogate may have difficulty making mutual decisions during pregnancy. You may at times have to bear the cost of medical expenses, personal needs and finances of the surrogate mother too. At some point in the child's life, you will have to tell him/her about his/her genetic heritage and you should be able to help the child to emotionally accept the facts.

Today, it is even possible for the donor parent itself to breast feed the baby from the surrogate mother through induced lactation. These advances have helped the mother and the child develop their bonding process right from the start. Besides, the mother also experiences a sense of satisfaction of having breast fed her baby.

Though the process of surrogacy can be an emotionally intense journey with some legal complications, it can bring happiness, satisfaction and a golden ray of hope to the parents and the people involved with the baby!


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