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Table Manners and Etiquettes for a Perfect Social Gathering

Table Manners and Etiquettes for a Perfect Social Gathering

By being a gracious host or a guest, you can always make a favourable impression on others. Table manners and etiquettes can speak a lot about you and your personality. So, why not brush up a few etiquette skills, so you can make a good impression the next time you are at a formal or semi-formal dinner or lunch gathering. Here are a few points to keep in mind when you have a dinner or lunch to go to:

• Respond to the invitation.

• Dress according to the occasion. Never “out dress’’ the host/hostess.

• Do not be late.

• It is considered polite to carry a gift for the host/hostess. Do’s at the table:

• Take your seat at the table only after the host/hostess. A man may help a woman seat comfortably to his right and then the other ladies in the clockwise direction. The lady has to offer a simple thank you.

• Place the napkin in your lap only after the host/ hostess does. Do not slouch at the table. Keep your hands on your lap and not on the table. Do not keep your mobile, wallets or purse on the table.

• Hold your knife and fork firmly with the handles in the palm of the hand.

• While eating, if you want to rest the knife, place it on either side of the plate.

• If you do not like the food presented to you, at least make an attempt to eat a small portion of it.

• Do not take large portions and waste food,, and on the other hand, do not leave the plate fully clean!!

• Make sure to thank the host/hostess for their hospitality before leaving.

• Do not forget to make polite conversations with the other guests around you. Don’ts at the table:

• Never start eating before a signal from the host/hostess

• It is bad etiquette to dip your bread in the soups or sauces serving bowl.

• Do not make loud eating noises like slurping and burping. This can be very impolite.

• Do not talk when your mouth is full. It is not only unpleasant for others to look at it but can also choke.

• Don’t stretch yourself across the table to reach to food. Instead, ask a guest sitting close by to pass the dish you want. • Diplomacy is important at the table. Do not comment or criticise on the choice of food by the host/hostess or any other guest.

• Avoid licking your fingers, hands or picking your teeth (unless toothpicks are provided.)

• Drinking too much can be embarrassing. Drink sensibly.





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