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Therapies of Ayurveda- Panchakarma

Therapies of Ayurveda- Panchakarma

Panchakarma is a Sanskrit word that means five techniques or five treatments. This is a procedure, exclusive to Ayurveda that cleans the toxic materials from the body. Thus it is called as purification or detoxification therapy.  Panchakarma works best with the use of medicated oils that helps in removing the impurities from the human body. It is highly personalized based on the needs of the individual depending on the body type, doshic imbalances, age, digestive strength, immune status, and many other factors. 

Five Panchakarma Therapies

  • Vaman (Emesis - induced vomiting) - In Vaman, a patient is given inside and outside oleation and fomentation treatments for few days which includes some  and therapies. Once the toxins get melted and accumulate in upper cavities of body, the patient is given emetic medicines and decoction to induce vomiting.
  • Virechan (Purgation - induced laxation) - In Virechan, purgation or disposal of toxins happens through bowel clearing. In this treatment, the patient is given inside and outside oleation and fomentation treatments. After this, the patient is given a natural laxative to encourage clearing of the guts that aides in purifying the body of toxins.
  • Basti (Medicated enemas of decoctions or oils) - This treatment has huge benefits, mainly in complex and chronic diseases. According to the nature of disease, home based oils, decoctions, ghee are managed into the rectum and this has unbelievable positive effects.
  • Nasya (Nasal medication) - This treatment is very effective in clearing and purifying the head area. In the beginning of this treatment, the head and shoulder areas are given a delicate massage and fomentation. After that, nasal drops are regulated in both the nostrils. This achieves the cleaning of the whole head area.
  • Rakta-mokshan (Blood letting) - This treatment is useful for cleaning of blood and feasible against ailments caused because of impure blood. It can be done in a particular area or for the whole body.

Benefits of Panchakarma therapy

• Removal of toxins
• Completely purifies the body
• Speeding up the metabolism
• Reducing weight
• Improving the strength of digestive fire
• Opening up of blocked channels
• Relaxing the mind and body
• Rejuvenation of tissues
• Boosts Immunity
• Relieves stress 

Why should one undergo a Panchakarma therapy? 

Stress, poor lifestyle and pollutants make a toxic load on the body if accumulate in the tissues and circulation system results in poor health. Panchakarma turns around this degenerative procedure rapidly and its impact is quite significant and long-lasting. Panchakarma utilizes a combination of massage, home-based saunas, special and nutritional foods, and colon treatments to free the body from accumulated toxins.


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