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What food are you craving today?

What food are you craving today?

Who hasn't fallen prey to food cravings? It hits everybody! Sometimes for sweets or chocolates, or those salted chips that your dietitian asked you to keep away from, or even some spicy yummy food that can keep you asking for more. Ever thought why you suddenly got that craving? Read on to find out what your craving actually indicates..

Sweets: When you are craving sweets, stop for a while and assess how your sleep has been lately. Generally, when our bodies are tired, it craves for carbohydrates that can give you a quick energy boost. Simple carbohydrates like sugars are digested quicker than complex carbohydrates like whole grains. However, the energy from simple sugar is burned out very fast. Get away from this craving by eating balanced meals through the day and get adequate rest.

Crunchy: Craving for crunchy foods can mean that you are irritated and frustrated and want to relieve yourself from that angst. The act of chewing and crushing food between your teeth can momentarily release the frustration. Choosing this way of ending frustration can make you gulp down hundreds of empty calories. Release that tension by listening to relaxing music or by choosing healthy crunchy options like roasted channa, puffed rice, carrot or cucumber sticks.

Creamy: Craving for creamy foods points out that you need to be soothed from your worrisome thoughts. Creamy foods are generally high in carbohydrates and fats known to boost the feel good hormones serotonin and dopamine. These hormones trigger the feelings of pleasure and reward. Instead of reaching out for these fattening fixes, talk it out to your friend, go for a foot massage, or take a shower.

Caffeine: At the end of the day, most of them can't even remember how many cups of tea and coffee they gulped down. Most of us reach out to these beverages to perk up and get through the day. This craving actually points out at dehydration and lack of energy. Instead, drink water frequently and rejuvenate with fresh fruit juices or tender coconut water.

Salty food: Craving for salty foods indicates low electrolyte levels and hormone fluctuations. Instead of pouncing on a packet full of salted chips, drink a glass of orange juice, lemon juice or tender coconut water.

Spicy food: It shows that you may have trouble cooling down. Eating spicy food increases perspiration and further cools down your body. Select your food carefully and do not overindulge, else you may end up having acidity and heart burn. Always keep yourself hydrated by drinking plenty of fluids.

Chocolates: Reaching out for chocolates could mean that you are feeling depressed and happy chemicals in the body is bottoming down. The flavor of the chocolate stimulates the secretion of serotonin and gives a quick lift to the mood. Treating yourself with chocolates occasionally could be a good idea, but eating too much of it may end up adding unwanted flab on your body.

So now that you know how to overcome your craving, beat it in a healthy way!


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