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Your Heart's Daily Routine

Your Heart's Daily Routine

A few quick facts about your heart's daily routine:

• Today your heart will pump around 4,079 liters of blood!
• In your lifetime, your heart can pump around three supertankers of blood; approximately 1.2 million barrels!
• About six liters of blood is present in the body! This blood circulates three times a minute through your body.
• Your blood can travel roughly halfway around the circumference of the earth, i.e. 13,841km/day.
• Your heart is as big as your left fist!
• Laid from end to end (approx 51,900 km), your entire cardiovascular system is enough to wrap around the world more than twice!
• Your heart beats around 73, 547 times a day and around 2.5 billion times till the last breath!

Take care of the hard worker!!!

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