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Are you ALWAYS Hungry???

Are you ALWAYS Hungry???

Do you feel hungry within a couple of hours after a meal and you feel guilty for not adhering to your weight loss goal? Have you ever tried understanding why a few foods make you full faster or what controls your appetite? Read below to understand what makes you feel hungry or full...

Leptin is the answer for all your above weight loss woes. Leptin is a hormone that regulates appetite, hunger, energy intake, expenditure and metabolism. This is the most important hormone that decides whether you are full or hungry. Leptin levels increase when you are full, and signals the brain to stop eating. A low leptin level on the other hand, will increase your craving for food or simply put, makes you hungry! Also, an interesting fact is that leptin is produced by the adipose (fat) tissues. This obviously means fat people have high levels of leptin. Then why do they still feel hungry and eat more than the requirement? This is because the leptin levels are always high in fat people, making the brain resistant to leptin. Healthy people can also become leptin-resistant if they eat low calorie food for a while. So your calorie intake should be based on your body's requirement and let your Dietician decide that.

How to balance leptin levels and control appetite?
• Say NO to crash diets.
• Avoid refined carbs or processed sugars.
• Get sufficient sleep every night.
• Exercise regularly.
• Eat food sources that contain omega-3-fatty acids.

Consult with your Health Expert to understand the above tips and to implement the same in your daily routine.

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