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Do you add extra sugar to your child's breakfast?

Do you add extra sugar to your child's breakfast?

Most children like breakfast cereals that taste sweet. To cater to their 'sweet tooth', many of the ready-to-eat breakfast cereals are manufactured with sugar as one of the ingredients. In addition, some parents add another teaspoon or two of plain sugar.  Is this necessary? Aren't we giving too much sugar to the kids?

A study done in the US showed that children who had lesser quantity of sugar in their breakfast cereals were more likely to eat a nutritious and balanced breakfast. These children substituted plain sugar with fresh fruit and milk to make it sweeter. 

Try it with your child. Don't dump extra sugar into an already sweet breakfast cereal dish. Give your child the option of taking either sugar or fresh fruit with his/her breakfast.  This is one way to educate and veer your child towards healthy eating. 

A small effort to inculcate healthy habits during childhood will lead to a healthier adult life.

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5 Months ago