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Your personal wellness organizer

Now access all the required resources to take care of your health & wellness in one place

What makes Wellness Corner so comprehensive


Track all your important vitals and become conscious of your lifestyle.


Get help on developing a healthier lifestyle and modify your behavior.


Healthy behaviors are rewarding. Get rewarded for every healthy action you track.


Explore vast variety of content and material to help you live a healthier life.

The most important step towards living a healthy lifestyle is to find a coach. The Wellness Corner is your personalized health coach on your fingertips

Diet Plans

Get a diet plan designed by expert dietitians catered to your health requirement and customized as per your tastes as well as preferences

Workout Plans

Personalized workout plans designed by our fitness trainers covering all forms of exercise

Guided Programs

Assisted wellness programs designed by our qualified health experts to help you achieve your desired health goal over a certain time period.


Get personalized reminders and notifications to perform healthy actions throughout the day

The most powerful and insightful lifestyle tracker

Healthy Habits are rewarding. For every action you track on The Wellness Corner, you get a chance to win PEPs (Productivity Enhancement Points). We appreciate every small effort you put in towards achieving your wellness goal.

You can later redeem your PEPs against exciting rewards such as coupons, gift vouchers, and other exciting goodies.

The more active you are the higher is your chance to earn cash against your PEPs. You can convert your PEPs into cash and spend it on our comprehensive health and wellness marketplace.

Learn & keep yourself informed about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle

Health Content

Explore the huge library of content covering diverse range of health & wellness topics.

Calculators & Tools

We’ve created tools & calculators to identify various threats to your health and identify key focus areas.


Test your knowledge on various health issues and find out your health quotient.


Smart and actionable health insights based on the data you track as well as regular lifestyle assessments.