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Customized and tailored programs to manage your health conditions

A unique nutrition-based approach to help you achieve your health goals and keep your health conditions under check in a short-span of time.

Browse and purchase wellness plans that caters to your specific health conditions.

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In few simple steps, you can sign-up for The Wellness Corner and purchase the wellness plan of your choice

Meet Your Health Coach

Your health coach gets in touch with you to understand your current health status and design the strategy to help you better manage your condition

Diet Plans

Our wellness plans focus on intensive diet regulation and modifications. Once your health coach has designed a roadmap, you will receive a diet plan that will enable you to eat healthy and keep your health conditions in check.

Fitness Plans

Nutrition is just one aspect of our Wellness Plans. You will also get a customized diet plan designed by our expert fitness trainers. These fitness plans will be completely tailored based on your lifestyle requirements and health conditions.


Your coach will stay in touch with you constantly through in-app messaging. They will monitor your daily behavior and reach out to you in case of non-compliance. You can also reach out to them for any help or queries regarding your program.


Measure success and see results at the end of the program. Our coaches will help you assess your lifestyle modifications and understand the change in your health vitals at the end of the program.