A new look and a major social wellness revolution

Introducing Circles

After you log in to The Wellness Corner, you will either be a part of a circle or you can join from a list of available circles. Circles are a way of connecting with the like-minded health & wellness enthusiasts in your community.

A complete Wellness Dashboard

Track your daily calorie intake, activity levels, steps, weight, habits, and mood. Set reminders so we can help you complete your healthy habits at times that work best for you. View an activity feed of what’s being posted in all your circles.

Fun ways to share your wellness journey with others

After you join a circle, you can share snippets from your wellness journey in the form of food pictures, exercise videos, before/ after progress. You can also tag other members in a circle and host polls to get the circle’s opinion.

Multi-layered encryption to ensure complete data security & privacy

Safeguarding your health data is our utmost priority which is why we take every measure possible to protect your data. All data is secured with end-to-end encryption (at rest and at transit) – which means that only you can view your health data & decide who you can share it with.

Take your personal health assistant anywhere you go

Download The Wellness Corner mobile app on Android & iOS to stay connected with your wellness Circles at all times. Easily track your steps, calories, and food intake through the mobile app. We will also remind you when it’s time to finish your health habits.