Am I Suffering From Tension Headache?

Do you often have headaches that feel like a tight band around your head? This assessment can help you figure out if you might have tension headaches. These headaches are common and usually feel like a dull pressure or tightness. They can happen now and then or more often, and things like stress, anxiety, or bad posture can trigger them. The assessment will ask you about your headaches, like how often you get them and how bad they are. It will also ask if you have other symptoms like feeling sick or not liking light or loud sounds. Based on your answers, it will tell you if your symptoms are like tension headaches and give you tips on how to deal with them. Remember, this assessment isn't a replacement for seeing a doctor. If your headaches are severe or won't go away, it's important to talk to a healthcare provider for the right diagnosis and treatment.

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