How Likely Do I Have PCOS?

Experiencing irregular periods? Gained weight suddenly? Have more than usual acne breakouts? Noticing extra facial hair growth? If yes, you can be at risk of polycystic Ovary Syndrome(PCOS), a disorder that has affected more than 10 million women in the world! Many women lack awareness about hormonal imbalances and don't even know if they have this incurable disorder. But you need not panic as it is manageable. You might want to see a doctor and confirm if that is the case. But how do you know if you have PCOS? Notice the signs, symptoms, and factors that contribute to the syndrome. Take this quick 2-minute PCOS self-assessment test online and determine the chances if you have the condition. The sooner you know, the better. Different women function differently and may experience the syndrome distinctly. This test should only be considered for determining the likeliness of the condition based on the questions answered. This quiz should not be considered an alternative to an expert or doctor’s advice. We encourage you to see a doctor after the test result and go for a regular health check up, whether or not diagnosed with the symptoms. You are entitled to have the right information and you must have it.

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