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C-Section- Keep your Fear at Bay!

 C-Section- Keep your Fear at Bay!

    When you get the big news that you are pregnant, you get myriad of thoughts like your pregnancy through the trimesters; normal delivery or a c-section; your baby's health etc... Your anxiety about the delivery process multiplies as you near your due. If your Gynecologist suggests you to go for a cesarean delivery instead of normal delivery, you again end up with why, what, how etc... Read through to kick your wrong notions about a c-section.

C-section is nothing but a surgical procedure where an incision is made in the mother's abdomen and a second incision in the mother's uterus to deliver the baby. C-section could be planned ahead of time due to a few maternal complications or in a few cases it could be an emergency.

Why an emergency c-section?
• Performed when the mother/ baby's health is at risk.
• If your cervix isn't dilating even after 24 hours of labor.
• If the baby's head is too big to make it safe through the birth canal.

Why a scheduled c-section?
• An illness or a congenital defect (birth defect) in the baby.
• When the baby is too large to move safely through the birth canal.
• When the baby is in the breech position and cannot be turned.
• When you have triplets or more.
• If the placenta is closing the cervical opening or is separated from the uterine wall.
• If you have pre-eclampsia or eclampsia.
• If you have had a previous c-section or a uterine surgery.
• If you have a genital herpes outbreak that can spread to the baby.

Whether it is an emergency or a scheduled C-section, it is for one of the above reasons that could be harmful to you or the baby. So if your Doctor has decided a c-section for you, count on him. He will do the best for you and your baby.


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