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Five Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

 Five Simple Ways to Brighten Your Day

One of the best ways to chase away the blues is to add a splash of color to your day. Colors do have a symbolic significance and you can very easily pick up a color resonating your mood, or one that can change your mood and brighten up your day. The following are some popular colors and the common connotations attached to them:

  • Red: Courage and passion
  • Yellow: Sunlight and optimism
  • Blue: Openness and calmness
  • Green: Tranquility and balance
  • Purple: Creativity and mystery
  • Pink: Gratitude and love
  • Orange: Energy and warmth

The following are 5 simple and easy ways to add a splash of color to your daily routine:

  1. Wear Something Bright: Choosing to wear something bright is one easy way to add a bit of zing to your otherwise monotonous day. Even in a conservative work environment there is nothing to stop you from wearing a colorful tie or necklace.
  2. Eat Colorful Foods: Eating is a sensory and visual experience that is as much about sight as it is about smell and taste. And in addition to having great visual appeal, a colourful diet is also extremely healthy for you. The more colourful your diet, the more antioxidants you will get. Antioxidants reduce overall cell damage, one that is linked to ageing, cancer, heart disease (occurring due to the hardening of arteries), stroke, and even memory loss.
  3. Add a Splash of Color to Your Home: Adding some new hues to your walls is an easy way to make each day a little brighter. You can also use other decorating ideas such as setting a fresh bowl of fruit on your kitchen counter or dining table, buying some new colorful sheets or towels, and hang some vibrant pieces of art on your wall.
  4. Buy Some Flowers: There is something about fresh flowers that make the surroundings comes alive. In fact, scientific research shows that flowers have a beneficial impact on the mind and can influence our emotions as well. Their presence can trigger happy thoughts and increase the feelings of satisfaction. They have also been known to affect social behavior.
  5. Decorate your Office: If you work in an office or cubicle, do make sure it has some color. Some quick and easy ways to do this would be to display some photos, buy a small plant, have a colourful calendar or change your boring desktop to something fun and vibrant.

Add that splash of colour to your life  & see the difference.

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