Posture Care During Pregnancy

  • 24 months ago
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 Posture Care During Pregnancy

Good posture and careful movement become especially important in your pregnancy months. For best results, start early in pregnancy to give your muscles the chance to catch up to your growing size. It is no wonder that bad posture is a common problem in pregnancy - you have to deal with loose joints, unsteady balance and an overstressed back. Your back is now under considerable strain and backache can become a discomfort you will have to deal with if you are not careful.

When standing - tuck in your chin, lift your shoulders and tuck in your stomach and buttocks. Don't forget to distribute your weight evenly on  both legs.

When getting out of bed - rise slowly to avoid the dizzy feeling. While still lying flat, roll unto your side and use your arms to push yourself up to a sitting position. Swing your legs over to the side of the bed and plant your feet on the ground. Use your arms to push your body up to a standing position. Avoid jerky, sudden movements.

When lifting - if you have to lift anything heavy always bend at the knees and not the hips; keep your back straight and lift by straightening your legs. When you pick something up do so with both hands and use your arm muscles and keep the object close to your body. By straightening your leg, you will use your leg and thigh muscles to do the actual work of lifting. Avoid lifting heavy things from shelves. When carrying heavy bags; divide the weight equally between both your hands. Later on it will become difficult to hold objects close with a protruding belly - get help if you are unsure of any possible strains and pains.

When carrying your toddler - avoid carrying your older child on your hip to avoid the possible back strain. Try having her stand on higher grounds like a stool or chair so you don't have to bend so far down. The other way is to hold her close and bend at the knees.

When bending down - for chores at home or in your backyard or when you need to work at floor level, sit or kneel down so it is in easy reach. Don't let your legs go numb though.

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