Track your health: 10 Tools To Keep Yourself Healthy

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Track your health: 10 Tools To Keep Yourself Healthy

Developing a healthy habit can be challenging, especially for an adult due to their busy life and specific schedule. Experts say an average person takes 66 days to adapt to a new habit or behavior which can be hard to remember to attain. In these high times, one thing is for sure that nothing is more important in your life than your health. But how to adopt a healthy habit in this struggling life when you can't even remember whether you have taken a meal or not (despite the fact-You are what you eat). Well, there is an app for everything. Experts say people who have data at their fingertips are more conscious about their health. Below are mentioned 10 tools to keep yourself healthy.

Tools For Healthy Lifestyle

#1. Fitness App/Tracker

Regular exercise can help prevent aging biomarkers. If you have fitness essentials at home, that is a cherry on the top. Being active can improve your eyesight and bone density, maintain your body mass, balance blood pressure, boost lean muscles, and minimize cholesterol. But did you know there are apps designed especially to provide workout sessions and personalized fitness routines to keep you healthy and guide you toward your fitness goals? What can be better than this!

#2. Calorie Counter

A food scale or diet/nutrition app assists in calculating calories and managing portions more precisely. Whether you are looking for increasing daily carbs and calories or want to shed some pounds, there are apps that allow you to track your regular calories consumption to reach a certain body goal. Not only this, some apps offer you virtual consultation with dietitians to curate personalized meal plans and suggest food-related information for your knowledge with just a click.

#3. Water Tracker

Often taken lightly, staying hydrated is indispensable for maintaining good body and health function. Water flushes impurities, improves gut health, prevents build-up, balances body temperature, and energizes your muscles. The water applications will not only remind you to drink water but will also keep the track of water consumption in a day.

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#4. Online Meditation Logs

Meditation practice will help minimize stress, improve concentration and heal pain while keeping your mind calm. The meditation applications help you track and maintain your meditation practices till you get them in your daily routine. Not only this, you can access your meditation time and analyze your progress report with just a click.

#5. Remote Doctor Consultation

It is important to take some time off to check whether your body is functioning well. But going to the doctor or lab can be really time-consuming, especially when you are swamped with work. Yes! There are apps that allow you to consult verified doctors virtually and book health checks at your home or work location only. Isn’t it really convenient?

#6. Sleep Tracker

Meditation and relaxation techniques can help your body stay healthy and mood refreshed when you wake up. Sleep-tracking apps allow you to track your sleeping patterns and cycle with just a click. Not only this, but they also suggest techniques and ways to get sound sleep and improve your sleep quality.

#7. Medication Apps

Not only medication apps are meant for those who don't live in the same city as their loved ones but also are tired of traffic and time limitations. Medication apps allow you to purchase OTC products and prescribed medication online.

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#8. Automatic Steps Monitoring System

Track your steps every day and go for a mile to keep your health in check. Apps that motivate you to take out some time for a walk and complete your cardio routine, sounds amazing. It will reward you, inspire you and explain the health benefits that you can achieve with walking or running. Well, you know you need this reminder!

#9. Digital Health Records

What if you don’t have to manage all those paper prescriptions of doctors and can store them digitally on your device. There are a number of applications that allow you to keep the health records, doctor prescriptions, medication details and make doctor appointments at the same time. That’s the sigh of relief.

#10. Mood Tracking Tool

Whether it’s your period or the pandemic affecting your life, these apps let you track your mood and take notes of why and how you are feeling. You don’t notice such things often, but these tools give you insights and let you see how you need to improve.


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